Madonna University has partnered with Slingshot 书店s as its campus store 而且 课程材料提供者. Beginning in Fall 2022, 课程 materials are included in your tuition thanks to Madonna 而且 Slingshot.  This means you will not have to purchase 课程 materials including books, as these will automatically be ordered for you at 不额外收费. 您可以访问您的 弹弓帐户 在线.

It is very important that you read this entire communication

so that you have the latest information for Fall 2022.


Textbook Rental 而且 Purchase Information

Slingshot is an auto fulfillment service. When you register for your 课程s, this service electronically fulfills the required 课程 materials for each 课程, 而且 delivers them directly to the 精神商店 or the 住宅 hall before classes start. Your 课程 materials will be a combination of physical 而且 digital e-books. 有 你没必要订书. You will have all of your 课程 materials 而且 none 买书的麻烦.


  1. 世界杯买球.slingshotedu.com
  2. Click the LOG IN button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You’ve already got an account—your school email is the username, 而且 your student ID号就是密码. If your password is not working, click the Forgot Password link.
  4. If you are registered for 课程s, your schedule will appear 而且 you can manage your 课程材料偏好


  • Manage your account 而且 delivery preferences
  • 访问您的数字课程材料
  • See when your rentals are due, or purchase more time

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Am I signed up for Slingshot automatically?

是的. In order to make sure every student has all of their required 课程 materials Madonna has decided that the default option for students is opted-in. 这些材料 are already included in the cost of your tuition - no other fees! 任何学生都可以 opt out, but we can’t guarantee availability of books at the 精神商店 for students 谁选择了退出.  If you choose to opt out, you will need to complete the opt-out form available in MY 世界杯买球 under Student Tab/Eforms/Opt Out/Automated Course Materials.


Students living on campus will have their initial package delivered to their campus 住宅. Any books that arrive after that initial delivery can be picked up in the 精神商店. Students that live off campus will pick up all physical 课程 materials in the 精神商店 or can select a shipping preference of “Mail” to receive items at their home address for an additional shipping fee.. 数字物品将可访问 on the Slingshot portal under “My Course Materials”. 将发送电子邮件通知 when items are ready for pick-up 而且 when digital items are available to access.


This full-service 课程 material subscription service is included in your tuition! No other fees will appear on your student account, 而且 you will receive all of your required 课程 materials for your upcoming semester.

有关世界杯买球详细的常见问题,请访问 世界杯买球.slingshotedu.com/ # /常见问题解答 or reach out to Slingshot’s Customer Support team with any questions at slingshotedu.com/support (电话、聊天或电子邮件).



If you drop a 课程, please return your physical 课程 materials to the Campus Store, or reach out to Customer Support for return authorization at the time you drop the 课程. The student account will be billed for the full purchase price for any materials 掉落时未返回. Digital books are automatically returned for you. 收费项目 can still be returned for 14 days after the bill date.


Once you have placed an order through the website, you can view your order’s current status 而且 tracking number (if applicable) by logging into your student portal 而且 navigating to the “My Transactions” tab.


If you have purchased a digital item, that item will be accessible under the “My Course Materials” tab upon logging into the 世界杯买球.slingshotedu.com门户.

What is the 在线 order return policy?

For 在线 orders, all sales are final unless accompanied by a 课程 withdrawal. If you drop the class, you can return your book within 14 days of the start of your 课程 when you provide proof of your 课程 drop. 在掉落的情况下,所有的物品 must be returned in the original condition that they were provided. 一些数字限制 应用.

What if I need to return a digital item?

Digital items fall outside our normal return 而且 refund policies, as each publisher has set different policies on digital. Digital items are refundable within 14 days of the first day of access, or thirty (30) days after the purchase is made, whichever 第一次发生. Additionally, we cannot fulfill refund requests if more than 10% of the product has been viewed 而且/or if any page(s) of the product has been printed. We’d recommend contacting our Support Team as soon as possible if you think you will 需要退货.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Email the Slingshot Support Team anytime at support@slingshotedu.com where the estimated response time is within 24 hours. 或者,弹弓杆 are available by chat or phone every Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -11 p.m. 美国东部时间. 请 utilize the 在线 chat box or call 1-888-392-2930.